There are many professional benefits to joining MTNA. There are educational and professional opportunities, as well as discounts and numerous resources.

Here are couple testimonies from our current members for why they are part of SCKMTA:

The teachers in South Central Kansas Music Teachers Association SCKMTA have been my treasured friends and advisors on life and teaching ever since I moved to Derby. KMTA and MTNA have been outstanding sources of professional development and making lifelong friendships through attendance at annual conferences and leadership meetings.

–Sylvia Coats


I enjoy teaching to share the life long joy of music. Membership and leadership in professional organizations at the local, state, and national levels provides beneficial sources of continuing education and enjoyable friendships for the teacher. There are also valuable opportunities for students of teachers who hold these memberships.

–Celia Goering

Teacher Benefits

Discounts and Resources—discounts on MTNA conferences and competitions, as well as office supplies, travel and much more! Click here to see the list of discounts.

Educational Opportunities—MTNA hosts a yearly conference, with workshops and seminars. Topics cover many different aspect of teaching music, including group and recreational music-making, ethics, and new resources.

Professional Development—MTNA hosts monthly webinars including ornamentation, Cyber Security,  rote teaching and self-compassion, just to name a few.

Professional Support Services—Students are referred to your studio as requests come in, legal consultation, access to grants, enrichment grants for teacher study, merchant services and new technology resources.

Exclusive Publications—MTNA has two separate publications.

  • American Music Teacher—printed journal including topics such as how to handle music that has
  • MTNA e-Journal—an interactive online journal containing articles with interactive features such as listening examples to support the article

Student Activities—Your students win too, with access to activities planned by your local groups.

Join MTNA and Start Seeing the Benefits!

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